Project Policy

Dear all clients and partners,

This policy on customization and projects is applied for all product and services which is sold by Netbase team and Our Seller Partners on Cmsmart, Themeforest, Other sales channels. All the partners, clients and Netbase staff have to comply with the policy. Netbase Team has the full right to update the policy any time and the change will have immediate effect on any support case since the day of revision

Clause 1: For customers who paid for customizations/projects

We do not guarantee the customizations (including free customizations or paid one) are retained when customers update their products to the new version. You are not allowed to update your website arbitrarily without our guide. If you want to update to the new version with the former customization, please contact us

If customer want us to perform the update to the new version and want to retain the old customization, customers may have to pay extra fee or not depend on the complexity of customization

Clause 2: Support for customizations/ projects

The time of support for the customization or project will be noted on the quotation file, project appendix, contracts or any official confirmation through email from Netbase Team. Normally, the support time for customization will follow the support period of the core product (for small customization) or has it own support time (for project)

After the time of support for customization has expired, customer will have to pay for the renewal for the support for such customizations/ projects. Please contact with our sale team to get more information on this

Clause 3: Customization completion definition

Customization/ Projects are a list of tasks which both sides agree to work on when making payment. It could be confirmed through email or quotation file or contract appendix

A task is considered completed when all requirements of it are fulfill in accordance with agreed task list. All modifications after that will be considered as extra tasks and could be charged with extra fee if Netbase Team requires.

Clause 4: Refund policy

If Netbase Team cannot complete the customizations following the confirmed task list, we will refund back 100% to customer

If Netbase Team does not complete 100% the tasks list, but have finished 80%. The refund payment will depend on the list of tasks which we haven’t completed. We will provide partial refund in this case, for the tasks we haven’t completed

Thank you.