At Cmsmart Marketplace, our business-centric is Clients Values. We are here not to sell a CMS products to you, but to ensure that we can work on anyways toward the success of your website projects.

Behind any clients, is a projects or a lot of website projects, and the success of your projects is our business objective.

We understand that each website projects need a lot of hard works, skills, add-ons products to make it works as planned. And we want to be your partners all that aspect, work with you for long time, for each website that you are developing or running, or work with you for life - time

We will do any things to make the clients become a loyal clients, a friends, and one of our key business policies to ensure customer values is the Loyal Rewards Points.

We will reward points which can be transferred to values of USD currency, to all our clients, to save your money, to make you happy, to give you a gift of reasons to stay with us, to buy more products, and use more services...We know that this is not new initiative in the business, but we'll try our best to make it creative happily.

Below are ways you can earn points and using points:

For clients:

1. Registration

Become a registered member, a welcome points rewards is given to you right after successfully registration, your account will be awarded 30 points (3 USD)

2. Products review

Encourage our beloved customers give good reviews after using products or getting a great support. Review form is only shown if you had an order.

You will get 10 points (1 USD) if your review is approved by our Customer Service.

3. Your real avatar

We want to see your face on our Cmsmart Community, so please upload your true avatar and you will receive 10 points (1 USD)

4. Forum Post

Forum is a place where customers can ask their questions and get more information from community. You get 5 points per article automatically without approving and you can get maximum 25 points for 5 posts. (If you post more than 5 posts, you still receive maximum 25 points)

We only reward for the post if there is no comments or reply.

Note: If your post is spam, your Cmsmart’s account will be closed immediately.

5. Reward points when buying each product

You will receive 5% on value of each product and it will be automatically converted to points.

Note: We don’t apply if you buy combo package and no reward point if you use point to purchase product


For Sellers:

You can get 10 points (1USD) immediately if you submit successfully a product on Cmsmart marketplace.


- Your product should be approved by customer service.
- Partner only use points to buy products, you don’t have a right to withdraw
- If Admin unpublish your products because of any reason, your points will be kept intact.

We will update more happy ways to help you get more points to use you can also buy points directly from the check - out progress and can use the points for any future payments

And here is the happy rule always: 10 POINTS = 1USD.

The Reward Point System will officially applied from 1st September 2015.

Stay tuned

David, CEO