Dear all clients and partners,

As you know, Cmsmart Network released the Central Ticket Support System, and we are not the same with other marketplaces neworks like Themeforest or Mojo, which does not care enough the support sides on clients perspective. Their whole system is to help to seller sold as much as well all the products, not to ensure the clients recieve as much as possiple the values of customer services after sales. For any one who work for a website projects in CMS industry, the support services is often more inportant than the add-on products itself. As a client of Cmsmart, you are best protected with our Customer Services, especially how we handle the Private support.


We are using Central Ticket Support System on CMSmart Market place, so you do not need to move to sellers’ sites for submitting ticket support.You will not need to take times to create a new account and don’t need to give their License ID.

We assure that we will reply issue within 24h, exclude Saturday, Sunday and local holidays of Sellers

Cmsmart Marketplace Staff can interfere with the Buyer and Seller’s ticket when we investigate about Refund Dispute which opened by Buyers to protect Sellers and Buyers’ right, so the clients is always to be in best protected situations

So let us know if you have any help that need

David, CEO