Dear all clients and partners,

Just 5% of visitors will become a purchaser for the first time visit and explore their wanted product. Especially this rule is more true for the CMS markets which is always complicated to give decision to buy.

A good product - templates or extensions, always have many features and things to consider before we decide to use it for our projects. Although the Product detail pages does provide almost all information regarding the products, but it still the best way to receive the communicaton from the seller - developers to address somes of your concern

Understand that, Cmsmart Marketplace team has developed a very strong Question & Answer system for each product items, where the buyers can easily ask any questions, raise any concern about the products, to considers the reply from the developers, not only for the products features, but also to see how Customer Services Orientation the developer can provides.

Moreover, all these communications are gather into Forum Categories so all other visitors can easily follow the previous communications, and reduce the time to raise any same questions. With this system of presales questions support, we ensure the our clients can be satisfied with their information before giving any final purchase decision. It is to protect your values

David, CEO